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Thirsty? Our speciality drink vending machines let you choose from a limitless range of perfectly chilled drinks.

Our modern drinks vending machines come in 3 different sizes to suit your space, cash and cashless payment methods, 24×7 service/maintenance and the C&C vending guarantee!

Did we mention it’s free hire? You pay nothing. Just contact us for an obligation free chat to see how our drink vending machines could work for your site.

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Drink Vending Machines For All Tastes

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The vending machine was delivered in a timely and efficient manner, the contribution to store commissions for the party fund was a definite plus and with customisable products it’s a winner with the team. Would highly recommended C&C Vending to any business.

The team was looking for an energy hit, reached out to C&C Vending to provide a machine for us, we requested energy drinks and boy did they deliver. If you’re looking to reward your team and refresh their breaks, call them today! Thank you for your ongoing support.

Charbel from C&C delivered a vending machine to our business within 3 days! He provided a product list and ensured the machine is always filled up. They have a variety of products but still went out of their way to source other products we requested. Would gladly recommend C&C to anyone wanting a hassle-free vending solution

Just like to say thanks for our office vending machine and always having it serviced and changing products every time we ask. Finally we have a vending machine we love! Thanks again to the C&C team.

It’s been great dealing with the team at C&C Vending, they are always so prompt to refill the machines and the variety of snacks are always so refreshing! Would highly recommend using this service for your business premises, it’s been a great addition to the workplace.

Charbel and the team @ C&C Vending services have been awesome - they have picked the exact items that the staff wanted in the machine and have been regularly to fill it up - The process of getting the machine was very easy - def recommend.

Awesome variety of products and great customer service!

Great service, machines are always topped up with a great variety. They are maintained very well and service is always prompt. People are genuine and always accommodating with great renting plans. Will highly recommend.

Free Hire for Drink Vending Machines

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At C&C Vending, we stock different types of drink vending machine types and sizes to ensure we always have the perfect drink vending machine for your space.

Our world leading drink vending machines are all new, modern and eco-friendly so they use substantially less electricity than most other suppliers. All of our drink vending machines Sydney are also smart machines. This means that they all have remote monitoring to let us know when they need refilling. So you will never see an empty drink vending machine again!

Our vending machines are also equipped with the latest cashless payment technology such as credit card and smart phone payment making them virtually contactless so you can be sure that your business is COVID-safe.

Pick from our huge drink product selection, from cold cans, energy drinks, healthy drink options, iced tea and much much more or let us know exactly what drinks you like and we will stock them for you. C&C Vending Services has your thirst quenched. This is the C&C difference.

General Questions

FAQ drink vending machines 

Do you have cashless vending machines Sydney?

Yes. all of our vending machines Sydney come with cashless payment options allowing you to pay with cash, credit card and smart phone. This makes your vending machine COVID-safe as it is virtually contactless.

How long before I get my vending machine at my premises?

Generally, your brand new free vending machine in Sydney will be on your site within just a few days of you confirming your product selection.

What If I no longer want the vending machine?

If for any reason you no longer want the vending machine on your premises, we will pick up the machine from you at no cost.

Can vending machines be outside?

Yes. Following our site inspection to assess where to best situate your free Sydney vending machine, we will deliver the suitable vending machine to your location at no cost to you.

How much does Sydney vending machines hire cost?

It’s FREE. Forever. We deliver and install your chosen vending machine in Sydney to you at no cost.

Can I choose my own products that go in the vending machine?

Yes. Your options are virtually limitless. Choose from our large standard range of drinks and snacks. If you want something specific, just let us know and we will fill your vending machine in Sydney with any custom products of your choice.

How much do the snacks and drinks cost?

We have a price beat guarantee. So if you’re not happy with the prices of the products in your current vending machine, contact us and we will install a free modern C&C vending machine with better prices.

How do you maintain and refill the vending machine?

All of our vending machines Sydney are smart vending machines so when the stock levels are getting low, we immediately schedule a vending machine operator to refill and perform regular maintenance on your machine.

Service calls are attended to within 24 hours. Thats the C&C difference.

Are vending machines good for schools?

School vending machiness Sydney are the most cost efficient way to provide around-the-clock snacks and drinks to your staff and students. Choose the snacks and drinks you like to fit with your schools health/food policy.

Are your Sydney vending machines COVID safe?

Yes. Our Vending Machines Sydney are one of the most hygienic food and drink delivery methods due to their practically contactless delivery system and all our vending machines come with cashless payment methods. We also perform a disinfection clean during each and every vending machine service.

That’s the C&C difference.

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