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Combo Vending Machines

Combination Vending Machines let you pick any combination of drinks and snacks for your site. We keep your combination vending machine stocked with a basically limitless product range of delicious snacks and drinks of your choice.

These state-of-the-art machines are the most popular choice for most sites and come in 3 different sizes to suit your space, cash and cashless payment methods, 24×7 service/maintenance and the C&C vending guarantee! With no costs to you, ever, what are you waiting for?

Combination Vending Machines

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Drink & Snack Vending Machines

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At C&C Vending, we stock different combination vending machine types and sizes to ensure we always have the perfect combo vending machine for your space. Our world leading combo vending machines are all new, modern and eco-friendly so they use substantially less electricity than most other suppliers. All machines can be zoned for different products so that your drinks will be chilled, while your snacks will be just the right fresh temperature.

All of our combination vending machines Sydney are also smart vending machines. This means that they all have remote monitoring to let us know when they need refilling. So you will never see an empty vending machine again! Our vending machines are also equipped with the latest cashless payment technology such as credit card and smart phone payment making them virtually contactless so you can be sure that your business is COVID-safe. With an essentially limitless drink and snack product selection, from cold drinks, soft drinks, healthy drinks, snacks, chips, confectionery, healthy snacks and much much more, C&C have your cravings fixed.

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