Since the beginning of the year, the request for cashless vending machines in Sydney has surged.  Times are changing. We are all changing our habits and the way we purchase food and drinks. We are even changing the way we interact (or don’t interact with each other). This is going to change the way we all eat, drink and ironically, it will change the future of convenience stores.

All of a sudden, convenience stores and service stations have become very inconvenient. It is one of the few places that EVERYONE interacts with. That means a much higher chance of spreading COVID.

Since February, we keep getting asked the same question: “how much to rent a vending machine?” or “how much to hire a vending machine?”

The answer might surprise you.

First, lets look at why businesses, schools, shopping centres, gyms and all sorts of places where people congregate choose to hire a vending machine in Sydney.

Lets look at it this way…A vending machine is basically a 24/7 quickie mart on your premises. Without the clerk. Instead you have a hygienic, mostly contactless food and drink supply at your fingertips. The types of vending machines that you can hire are essentially limitless. Which means that the types of food and drink items you can have on-site are also basically limitless.

Now, during the past year, during COVID, we have had a surge of requests for cashless vending machines in offices, schools, factories, hospitals etc. Why? Well, shops have been closed. People are simply preferring to avoid contact with other people and are looking for other options where to quickly and safely buy their snacks and drinks.

That’s where smart vending machines come into play. With cashless options, and a hygienic metal construction, this is where the future lies in terms of convenience stores. That is, unmanned, hygienic food and snack vending machines.

If you want to see this in play, look at Japan. After spending a few weeks in Tokyo, one aspect of the city continued to strike me after I returned: the overwhelming abundance of vending machines. The abundance of vending machines is impossible to ignore. Vending machines are on every block. In alleyways, in front of service stations, in areas both residential and commercial. There is about 1 vending machine for every 22 people in Japan.

but, why?

After wandering Tokyo for a few weeks and speaking to the locals, it became apparent why they have a love for vending machines, but more importantly, why smart vending machines are in our future here too. Japanese people place high importance on cleanliness and hygiene. They also love convenience. However, the number 1 factor was something I didn’t initially think about. The high cost of labour and real estate! It all made sense. High population density and high real-estate prices has meant that Japanese people don’t have room to store consumer goods and that Japanese companies would rather stick a vending machine on a street than open up a retail store.

and then I saw our future here in Sydney

All the factors I mentioned above are all real and present issues here in Sydney in 2020. Hygiene, cleanliness, convenience, high real estate and labour costs. That’s how it dawned on me. As I was discussing digital trends with our website designer, it all came together. That’s why there was a huge surge for requests of our vending machine hire Sydney

So it doesnt take a genius to figure out why so many other metropolisies around the globe are moving to vending machine based models like Japan. Cities all over China, Singapore, New York etc are all filling up with vending machines. You can literally buy anything you wish from these vending machine mini marts. Seriously, almost anything. We bought a hot pizza and a pair of jeans from a vending machine store in Tokyo.

hold on, we havent even answered the initial question

How much does it cost to hire a vending machine?

Our business model is aimed at simplifying the cost and complexity of having a vending machine on site to rent or hire.


We provide free vending machine Hire Sydney. For all spaces and industries. We fill the vending machine with any food and drink products you like. A single vending machine can house drinks and snacks in the same unit. This is called a combo vending machine or a combination vending machine. This is the most popular option for most customers.

So, What do you think of the future of convenience stores in Sydney?



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